Snowboy Presents The Return Of The Hi-Hat: Essential Cuban, Brazilian Hard Bop + Fusion

I bought this compilation some 5 years ago at ウィンドミルレコード, a small shop in Tatemachi. I used to spend quite a lot of time there chatting with the owner, specially on those loooong Sundays I used to enjoy before becoming a VeryBusyPerson (tm). The shop is still there, and although they mainly sell DVDs, there are nice CDs and a small corner with records at discount prices (or at least they were).

Briefly speaking, this is THE album that introduced me to danceable jazz. Coming from a city (Sevilla) with no music scene at all, in a country (Spain) where people think Kenny G is a great jazz artist (???), I've always wondered how would it feel to go to a club where people would dance to real jazz. As explained in the linear notes, the tracks here compiled are regularly played at Snowboy's Jazz Dance sessions, which have become a bit of a legend among both dancers and jazz diggers.

This album drove me absolutely crazy for months, even recently I could listen to the whole of it without feeling that any of the songs are not worth being here. From the more jazz-oriented "Over The Moon", "Brazilian Suite No. 3" or "(Used To Be) Cha Cha", to the Cuban sounds of "Viento Frio", "Descarga Melao" and "Baila mi conga, vacilala", there is not a single second to let you take a breath and relax.

Special mention for my favorite track, Jon Lucien's "Black Flower". When you look for information about this guy, you will mostly find him associated to romantic ballads and soft-jazz. Well, listen to this song, then fall on your knees and pray, cos HE is the man. I have played this song so many times in my own events that probably people are fed up with it by now, and it's still a 100% guaranteed floor packer!!
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